5 things you should have in your bedroom


Bedroom! the place where you not only have naps and do college assignments, it’s the place where you dream about your future, it’s the place which controls your thoughts and emotions. What if I say that your bedroom is influencing every decision you make. Believe me or not, your bedroom is responsible for your mood right now. Because you spend the majority of your time in your bedroom, it indirectly influences your subconscious mind. Continue reading “5 things you should have in your bedroom”


A book which changed my life


Good morning! Good afternoon! Good evening! Wherever you are. I hope everything’s going fine. I can’t wait to share a turning point in my life. Honestly, I’m not good at academics, I don’t write assignments, I even hate classroom lectures, and I’m an average student. Gimme the high-five if you’re also a member of AMA. Pardon me, its not American marketing association, it’s anti-math association. I would compare myself with Hercules because my struggles in math are not less than him. I even failed in math. Moreover, I’m in a country where engineering education is treated as if it’s only the department paves a bright path. So, instead of stepping into an engineering campus, I walked into a business school. 90% of my friends have joined in engineering courses and warned me that business degree won’t fetch me a good salary package. Their words really deprived me and lead to accumulation of inferiority complex in me. Continue reading “A book which changed my life”

5 Self-Sabotaging habits you need to drop.


Have you ever questioned yourself why gloomy things are happening all the time? You must agree that life is about facing up & downs. But, why you’re facing only downs? Do you think bad luck is ruling you? Is this conspiring to bring you down? Are these right questions? You’ll never find the right answers to these questions because they’re out of the sphere of your life. Continue reading “5 Self-Sabotaging habits you need to drop.”

Forget about perfection


Hello! how’re you doing? taking the selfies and hoping for a perfect one? I know you all are looking for a perfect one. After 99 failed selfies you’ll get a cute one. From those 99 failed selfies, you learned 99 different angles which aren’t helping you to get a good one and finally you made it. Let’s take a look how trying for perfection won’t help you out. Continue reading “Forget about perfection”

You ain’t paying my bills


Hello what’s up? I hope everything is going fine. Have you ever wondered how other’s opinions have impacted your decision-making process? Are they actually playing a role in manipulating your thoughts? Look back into your past and think how many opinions have influenced you. It doesn’t matter if it’s a minor or a major one.  If you are getting influenced easily by others opinions, you must do what I’ve been doing to escape from this curse. Continue reading “You ain’t paying my bills”

Guardian Angels


Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing great. Every one of us has dreams, goals, aims or whatever you call. One wants to become an athlete, some other wanna be a dancer or a race car driver and even a politician. Where there are dreams, there will be naysayers. Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison, Elon Musk and every successful person once faced naysayers. Naysayers are people who always express negative feelings or opinions on what you’re gonna do. They are commonly found in the society. They also can be found in your classroom, dorm or even your family. Your parents may be your naysayers. We think they’re trying to stop you from achieving what you want. Continue reading “Guardian Angels”

2 O Seventeen


Happy New year! How’s your new year resolution rolling on? Bought some inspirational books? Subscribed for a fitness program? Taking measures for weight loss? Whatever your resolution is, I wish you all the best and I hope it’s going to last forever. A lot of us are very excited about ‘2017’. Some might mumble themselves “What’s so special?” Of course, it’s special. Continue reading “2 O Seventeen”

Beauty behind madness


Hello! How are you doing? I hope everything is going fine. Beauty behind madness! Don’t expect that you’re going to read a review about ‘Beauty behind madness’ album by ‘The Weeknd’. Of course, it’s a wonderful album. What’s making you so special? What’s making you stand out of the crowd? What’s differentiating you from the sheep herd? Just one answer ‘Your Madness’. Continue reading “Beauty behind madness”

How to Rise early?

 ” Early to bed and early to rise make a man healthy, wealthy & wise”
~ Benjamin Franklin
Hello! Hearty thanks for showing up! Today, I’m gonna help you in rising early. Waking up late is the problem of 80% of youth. you might offend me by saying, its teenage! if you don;t enjoy now, when will you do that! of course you can do that. If you have a burning desire in your heart or you got big dreams then, you have to remove the concept of ‘enjoyment’. I’m not recommending you to become a sage or a monk. I’m just saying enjoy the work towards your goals & dreams. It’s might be comfortable for you dreaming fancy cars and diamond rings in your bed. If you can be satisfied with that, you can just stay in bed. If you truly want the things you always dream, you have to jump outta bed before the sun rises.

Continue reading “How to Rise early?”