The smartphone

In this world, it’s easy to find ‘know it all’ people. Yeah! Everyone is feeling like Aristotle just after reading some philosophical quotes. We’re living the era of information which is useless. People are becoming lazier when they realize that the small magical thing in the hand can handle everything. Booking cabs, ordering pizzas, setting up dinner made easier now. Continue reading “The smartphone”

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Keep taking turns

Life’s a journey! It’s the journey with a destination. A lot of people confuse the term ‘Destiny’ with the term ‘Desires’. This is why a lot of people fail to reach their full potential and stay where they’re. It doesn’t matter where you wanted to go and what you want, your desires and destinies will change based on the situations. Continue reading “Keep taking turns”

The principle of abundance

‘Oh man! There’s no enough money! No jobs! Economy sucks! People are running out of creativity!’ We often hear this kind of sayings from our friends, parents, relatives, professors, and mainly the media! Do you really think we’re running out of money, creativity, jobs, and things? I’m sure, 9 out of 10 say ‘YES’. Just go out and check the things, new colleges are being … Continue reading The principle of abundance

5 things you should do to chill out.

A photo by Aidan Meyer.

Days go on, times flies, we rush every minute to earn bling blings. Just take a look back into your flashback, what do you see? Days of schooling, nights of assignments, projects, exams, works, office, boss, elevator sounds, footsteps, emails. Is this a life? We all were brought into this world by 9 month incubation in the womb and all these years of unremitting nurture and what’s the point of living the life full of stress, anxiety, fear? Continue reading “5 things you should do to chill out.”

Power of imagination

The only difference between creative people and normal ones is “IMAGINATION”. But, what do creative imagine and how do they execute it? This question is still a mystery to the mediocre people. They always keep wondering about the things that creative people do. Normal people think in terms of luck and miracle. But the reality is creative people always imagine things and work on them. Continue reading “Power of imagination”

How being selfish changed my life.

This world is filled with critics, naysayers, bullies each & every inch. Unfortunately, you can’t reach where you want if you care each and every person and their opinions in your life. What I’ve learned from my past experiences is getting selfish will help me! Sounds too harsh? But it’s true. I observed many people locally, nationally, internationally who were successful are actually selfish. According to google, … Continue reading How being selfish changed my life.

Man in the machine

Steve Jobs! There no tech savvy without getting inspired by this name! Steve Jobs is better known as a creator of iProducts. He pioneered handheld devices which were packed with thumping processing power. They disrupted the entire I.T industry. iProducts brought microcomputer revolution to the electronic industry. Jobs dominated the entire planet with stunning designs. He led a small band of talented engineers from a … Continue reading Man in the machine

4 degrees of action!


In the book of THE 10X RULE by Grant Cardone, there’s a chapter called ‘4 DEGREES OF ACTION’ which served as a wake-up call in my life when I was drifting without passion & purpose. I read this book last year which helped me to explore my passion and dreams. Especially, this chapter helped me to realize my potential. In this article, I’m gonna give an outline of the chapter. Continue reading “4 degrees of action!”

Who’s an entrepreneur?


According to the definition mentioned in google, an entrepreneur is a person who sets up a business. Taking risks in the hope of profit. Well, there are many formal definitions on the web and books. The general conception of everyone about entrepreneurship is setting up a business and focusing on profits. Entrepreneur actually leads a different way of life other than the perception of everyone. One needs to possess special sort of mind-set to understand what exactly the entrepreneurship means. It doesn’t matter if you’re a master degree holder or a noble prize winner, you can’t understand the intentions of an entrepreneur if you don’t know what entrepreneurship is. Continue reading “Who’s an entrepreneur?”