The principle of abundance

‘Oh man! There’s no enough money! No jobs! Economy sucks! People are running out of creativity!’ We often hear this kind of sayings from our friends, parents, relatives, professors, and mainly the media! Do you really think we’re running out of money, creativity, jobs, and things? I’m sure, 9 out of 10 say ‘YES’. Just go out and check the things, new colleges are being constructed, new courses have been coming out, new technology, new investment schemes, new start ups, new dishes. Look at any market, trillions of trillions of trillions of trillions of dollars are being circulated every day. People are making money even they’re sleeping. So, what’s making you think that we’re running out of things???

People who believe in the scarcity are people who simply accept whatever is being told. News channels, news papers are the culprits which are misguiding people for their own commercial purpose. They say things like “there are no enough jobs” and they will invite a principal/dean who offers various kinds of courses by saying “We got jobs for you lazy people”. This is a business. They say the Stock market is going to hit the correction next week and call up a financial firm and act like they are helping the people by providing free tips. The ratings?? Boom!


The area of this mighty earth is 510.1 KM and square it. Every resource on this earth is abundant. Every day we are getting supplied by fresh water, oxygen, sun light, and on and on and on. Billions of people consuming trillions of fishes every year and still we can see the supply of wish at Walmart. Zillions of dollars are being circulated every day in the markets like stocks, commodity, bullion, forex and Et Cetera. New tech and apps are coming out every day. Where’s the scarcity?


The scarcity is within your ‘MIND’. There are no enough resources because you accepted that fake news as a fact and hardwired in your subconscious mind. You don’t believe in the principle of abundance. You are thinking in terms of scarcity because you have believed and accepted whatever has been said by the people around you. You believed they were real and still you’re believing. In reality, it’s not!

This world is getting a better place day-by-day. Instead of focusing on good things, media focus on losses, bad events, gossips. It’s their job to keep you curious and make money and they even made your job to believe them. They accessed your mind and made you believe. Wake up before it’s too late. Rather than sleeping on the couch and listening whatever the TV is saying, open your eyes, get out and see what’s happening. You will see the world is rising up. If you focus on negative, negative follow you, if you focus on positive, positive follow you.

Think in terms of abundance. New companies are being created every day, new opportunities are showing up and money was created by man and printed by machines! Billions of bills are getting printed every day. You must think in terms of abundance and smart enough to grab it!

Go and grab your opportunities! Don’t worry if you lose them, you’re actually living on the planet of abundance.



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