5 things you should do to chill out.

A photo by Aidan Meyer. unsplash.com/photos/5_C_5aL6ztc

Days go on, times flies, we rush every minute to earn bling blings. Just take a look back into your flashback, what do you see? Days of schooling, nights of assignments, projects, exams, works, office, boss, elevator sounds, footsteps, emails. Is this a life? We all were brought into this world by 9 month incubation in the womb and all these years of unremitting nurture and what’s the point of living the life full of stress, anxiety, fear?

Every day we encounter the pressure mentally. We all strain in our own ways. You may now have the power to control the incoming pressure, but you have all the power to control the impact of the pressure on you by simply adopting these 5 minor habits

1. Meditation:

Meditation is an effective technique to calm down the noisy mind which has been flowing down from the great sages. Various studies showed that the people who meditate daily are much more relaxed than who don’t. Meditation is a process of calming down the mind just by focusing on the respiratory process.

Meditation let you stay relaxed all the time by relaxing the mind and blood pressure. While you meditate, you will eliminate all the thoughts and keep your mind blank and do heavy breathing. Deep breathing will pump ample amount of oxygen into your brain which is necessary to stay calm.


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2. Raising early

I’ve watched interviews of many successful people and found ‘Raising early’ is the common factor among them. They all weren’t successful just because they raise early, they were successful because of the routine they followed in the early morning.

Personal mastery guru Robin Sharma said, “Be wise, early rise”. By rising early you’ll the time other than your routine day. If you’re used to waking up at 7 and change it to 5, you’ll have extra valuable 2 hours. You can go out for exercise for 1 hour and read books for another hour. Early morning is the time with least distractions. So you can better concentrate on improving yourself or learning new things.

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3. Riding away

I ride away from my town once in 2 weeks to chill out in the woods. I don’t only just ride away, I take a notepad with me and write down some inspirational thoughts while enjoying the breeze of fresh air and sounds of chirping birds.

Grab your ride and get away from your noisy place. Find a place where you can see green everywhere and get ample amount of breeze. By doing this, you are refreshing your mind and getting yourself rid of the routine stuff. Take a notepad or journal and write down wherever positive thoughts strike up in your mind and read them before going to bed.

This is an effective way to stay positive and focused even in tough times.

4. Visit spiritual places:

I’m not saying this from the religious point of view, I’m saying this from the spiritual point of view. Visit a temple or missionary at least once in a month. It’s for spiritual satisfaction. You’ll have a chance to interact with saintly people over there and learn more about tranquility and well being.

I free myself at least once in a month and visit Hare Krishna temple and spend my time interacting with elders and meditating. This habit played a vital role in transforming my purposeless life into the passionate path.

5. Read self help books

Just because I’m a bibliophile doesn’t mean I’m recommending you to read books. I’m was that guy who hates even to listen to the word ‘Books’. After reading a great inspirational fiction ” The Secret letters of the monk who sold his Ferrari” written by Robin Sharma, I started reading more books.

Reading books is one of the beautiful experiences I’m going through every day. Reading awakens the sleeping creative genius within you. Self help books were written to prepare you to meet with day-to-day life issues . They radiate positive vibes. The more you read self help books, the more you’ll be relaxed & optimistic.

If you’re new to reading, here are some recommendations:

  • Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
  • How to win friends & influence people by Dale Carnegie
  • The Mastery Manual by Robin Sharma
  • The power of subconscious mind by Dr. Joseph Murphy
  • The leader who had no title by Robin Sharma
  • The Secret letters of monk who sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma

You cannot do anything about that falling rain, all you can do is choose whether to stay back or dance in the rain. I will be back soon with a new post. Have a magnificent day!





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