3 things I learned from Gary Vee

Gary Vay-Ner-Chuck!  This is the most rumbling name on social media. There’s no one in NYC who doesn’t know about this fast talking hustling entrepreneur. He is known for his charisma, energy, enthusiasm, and et cetera. I started following this man after watching a couple of videos of him. I’m impressed with his way of preaching.

I read one of his books called ‘CRUSH IT’. It’s all about passion, hustle, entrepreneurship. He taught me how to cash on the passion. Mostly he talked about leading life by doing the things with passion. I also found my Facebook buddies started sharing his videos & photos. I became fascinated by his lifestyle and started consuming and applying his content. The results were fantastic! Now I’m successfully maintaining this blog by earning some affiliate marketing commissions and growing up as a lifestyle blogger.

Things I learned from Gary Vee:

1. Execution is king:

Enough of drawing out plans and pondering upon strategies! It’s time to put the ideas into execution. This world won’t give you a cookie if you got a great plan unless you execute it!

I actually dwelled upon my idea of blogging and delivering the good content and imagining myself building a lifestyle blog and posting the articles. However, dwelling didn’t work! But the moment I started writing posts, I’ve notices things are changing in my life. I’ve improved my writing skills, met new buddies on WordPress, and associated with business people across the America.maxresdefault.jpg

Things roll on only if you execute. You need to gain the momentum in order to move to the next level. It doesn’t matter how useful and revolutionary your idea is, no one will benefit from that if you don’t execute it! Execution is king!

2. Passion is priceless:

Even I was like “What’s my passion?”. I kept myself beating up with this question for a long time. I really wasn’t sure about what I want to do in my life regardless of getting a college degree, getting a job, and earning those blig-blings! I kept on reading blogs and books and finally I found myself interested in blogging because I like to talk about personal mastery and lifestyle. Those are my favorite topics! 21bb49be2c53bccd2289baaf4a60758d

I started this blog and enjoying each and every piece of the work! I’m actually contributing something to this world with my posts. I’m doing this with passion and purpose! So, there is no point of getting exhausted.

You cannot do anything for a long time without passion. You’ll feel like it’s a game if you are passionate. You will enjoy every moment and you’ll be happy to solve whatever problem shows up in the way. Gary is a passionate entrepreneur whose blood is fully rushed with PASSION! Watch his videos, you can see all the passion in his face.

Hard work & patience:

The ultimate mantra of Gray is “Hard work & Patience”. He always stress on these words because hard work is the way to push the thing and patience is for results. We are living in the world of impatience and immediate gratification. As things are getting automated and instant, we are habituated for instants results.


Today’s youth is lacking the hard working nature and patience. Oh wait! What about smart work? Indeed smart work is important. Smart working won’t help you out in the budding stage. Just go through the history of any entrepreneur, you’ll find that entrepreneur worked hard in learning and executing things. Smart work should be done to maintain the hard work!

I’m living each and every moment with passion & purpose. This blog may not be a big one right now and I may not have great connections and this doesn’t mean I can’t do it. I hustle, learn, grind every day! If I don’t see possibilities, I create them because I’m a hustler. I thank Gary Vay-Ner-Chuck for teaching me valuable things every day!

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