Power of imagination

The only difference between creative people and normal ones is “IMAGINATION”. But, what do creative imagine and how do they execute it? This question is still a mystery to the mediocre people. They always keep wondering about the things that creative people do. Normal people think in terms of luck and miracle. But the reality is creative people always imagine things and work on them.


Imagination is a creative ability to form images, ideas, and sensations in the mind from the input of senses. Creative people always rely on their imagination power. Great American author mentioned “Imagination is the most marvelous, miraculous, inconceivably powerful force the world has ever known” in the book called Think & grow rich. Imagination is the only thing which enables you to take some action.

Thomas Alva Edison invented the bulb because he imagined the illuminating world even it goes dark. Wright Bros invented the aircraft because they crafted wings to their imagination. Edison had expelled from his school because they felt imagination as a ‘mental deficiency’. Wright Bros didn’t even possess a diploma but pioneered an innovation which this whole world is relying upon. How? The only answer is “IMAGINATION”. You don’t need a degree from Yale’s or Cambridge to change this world. All you need is IMAGINATION.

This world is expanding its technology because of the boundless imagination. On another side, the majority of people are killing the imagination by treating formal education as the requirement to live. Criminals are not only who kill other people. Ones who kills the imagination should be treated as criminals. What’s the purpose of education? Just a graduation transcript? Education without imagination is like a flight without wings. It doesn’t matter what’s your academic profile. Imagination is enough to make this world a better place.

It doesn’t matter who you are and which industry you belong to, imagination will keep you out of the realm of mediocrity. You got one life! Do you want to spend rest of your life being a normal and gloomy person or imagine different things which make your mind so colorful. Imagination activates the creative part of you. As long as you breathe you are fit and allowed to imagine.

Come on! This planet needs some colorful minds. So why you can’t be one of them? How many days will you spend going to school, doing assignments and sleeping at home on weekends? This doesn’t make you feel lethargic? Why aren’t you using the full potential of your brain? Take a casual walk in nature and try to imagine things which you want to have in the next five years. You will feel so good imagining things! The feeling of imagination adds fuel to your passion & purpose!

Lets make this world a better place!



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