How being selfish changed my life.


This world is filled with critics, naysayers, bullies each & every inch. Unfortunately, you can’t reach where you want if you care each and every person and their opinions in your life. What I’ve learned from my past experiences is getting selfish will help me! Sounds too harsh? But it’s true. I observed many people locally, nationally, internationally who were successful are actually selfish.

According to google, SELFISH is (of a person, action, or motive) lacking consideration for other people; concerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit or pleasure. Here selfish in the notion refers to getting obsessed with the things which belong to you. Whether it might me people or business or cars. I assure you can reach the summit in your life if you get selfish. Come on man! you got only one life! you got your family, team, and friends to take care of. Why wasting time and emotions by bothering others? I will share a little experience from my schooling life which taught me how to be selfish.

When I was in the schooling life, I approached everyone with smile, kindness, and little humour. I gave a lot of lenience to my friends and they started to play with my feelings. They started making fun around me, bullied me, and hurt me. Everyone treated me as a clown. I had been bullied by my friends all the schooling life. I spent nights drowning into the pillow and crying. Schooling life is still a bitter experience for me. I finally realized everything happened because of me. If I hadn’t let them hurt me, I wouldn’t have spent all those tearful nights.

After listening many podcasts, reading books, attending webinars I found may people indirectly preaching the selfishness. I finally decided to be selfish and I saw things started changing eventually. I started blaming myself, assuming responsibility, growing up, facing more problems. Bullies became haters and life became complicated for some time. I decided to be a lifestyle blogger and started blogging. A lot of people mocked me and still they’re. I just stopped caring what they think about me and started hustling. Being selfish let me flush out fake people out of my life and found the true admirers.

Now, I’m happy with this blogging life. Many nitwits ridicule me every day. But, their opinions and comments won’t influence my behavior anymore because I’m selfish now and I don’t give a cookie for them!

Take a look at successful people around the world like Grand Cardone, Gary Vaynerchuk, Toni Robbins, Donald Trump, Elon Musk. They all are selfish. They didn’t care what people thought about them. All they have done is cutting through their own path.

Now all I care is about my family, homies, girl, and business. I’m happy with this life!

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