5 things you should have in your bedroom


Bedroom! the place where you not only have naps and do college assignments, it’s the place where you dream about your future, it’s the place which controls your thoughts and emotions. What if I say that your bedroom is influencing every decision you make. Believe me or not, your bedroom is responsible for your mood right now. Because you spend the majority of your time in your bedroom, it indirectly influences your subconscious mind.

What you surround yourself with really matters. What you look, observe, and perceive everyday influences your actions and behavior. If you leave your room messy, your mind will become messy and vice versa. The bedroom is the place where you have the chance to spend your time with yourself. So, you’ll discuss with yourself and take actions. Those decisions are indirectly influenced by the things in your bedroom. There are 5 things you should have in your bedroom for  personal mastery!

1. Aquarium:

According to the psychology, the benefits of the aquarium are seen in cognitive development, imagination, and creative skills. Many tests conducted by psychologists have shown how taking care of pet fish has many positive effects on the brain.

People who take care of pet fishes are more likely to taking care of others. In the process, they will do regular aquarium checks and feed fishes every day. All these actions will program the subconscious mind to take of others which is an excellent social skill.

It takes only a few bucks to get a little aquarium, a pair of gold fishes, and a filtering system.

2. Buddha statue:

This seems to be a kind of spiritual but it really works. Buddha statue has the power to calm your emotions. It contains positive vibes which will help you get out of the mental rut. The statue symbolizes peace, positivity, and silence. keep in the place where you can see like your computer desk, dressing table or any other place.


The moment you look at the statue, all the negativity will be flushed out automatically. It’s a magical process and power of Buddha!

3. Indoor plants:

Plants are so magical and healthy. We all know that plants pump oxygen. Our brain actually needs more oxygen to generate creative thoughts. Rush and clumsiness in the mind are the results of less oxygen supply to the brain.

The brain works 10X smarter when we get the ample amount of oxygen. Place some indoor plants like the peace lily, lucky bamboo, aloe which will not only give you the oxygen but also beautiful look to your room.

4. Books:

If you have the habit of reading, you must place your books in the open area. Don’t put them inside the closet. Books provide the support to your brain. Whenever you look at your books, you’ll feel you have the power because knowledge is power!

Place the books in the open areas like your study desk or open shelves. Looking at the books will restore your confidence levels. It doesn’t matter if you have 1 or 100 books, just place where you can see them every day.

5. Peace…

 Having these 5 things in your personal space will ensure you the peace of mind and emotional stability regardless of the hardships, issues you’re facing. Your bedroom is your personal space! Installing these 5 things will add quality to the place.

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