Man in the machine


Steve Jobs! There no tech savvy without getting inspired by this name! Steve Jobs is better known as a creator of iProducts. He pioneered handheld devices which were packed with thumping processing power. They disrupted the entire I.T industry. iProducts brought microcomputer revolution to the electronic industry.

Jobs dominated the entire planet with stunning designs. He led a small band of talented engineers from a garage to building a high value corporation. Jobs Emphasized on his vision rather than on reality. His imagination power made him to “Think different”

Jobs believed in himself and his team. He figured out what exactly he want to do and why. He combined his passion with the purpose. His passion is to build an outstanding technology and purpose is to make the world a better place. The 5 traits made him stand out of the sphere of “Ordinary”

1. Imagination:

In the book ‘Think & Grow rich’ Napoleon Hill said: “Imagination is the most marvelous, miraculous, inconceivably powerful force the world has ever known”. We all must agree with what he said. Before developing the iProducts, Jobs imagined how they should look and work.

Technology didn’t come along with the birth of the human. Human imagined things and worked to bring them into reality. We can imagine the imagination levels of Steve by looking at the technology he brought into this world. No one imagined the combination of typewriter and television display but Steve did.

2. Extreme passion:

Steve is extremely passionate about building an outstanding technology and making the world a better place. His extreme passion made him create extraordinary devices. He always wanted to make a difference and he’s passionate about it.

In many interviews, he said that passions fuel person’s journey and it keeps him/her motivated all the time. Passion is everything.

3. Insanely ambitious:

Steve jobs was clear about his mission since his early days. He got a valid reason behind his every move. He’s ambitious of making the world a better place. He did it not just for himself, but to help the world with his simple, secure, and sleek devices.


The way he presents shows his enthusiasm towards making the world a better place. Can you imagine how a pocket sized device would hold thousands of music tracks? He did it because he’s insanely ambitious.

4. Extreme confidence:

When he launched Apple-II computer he faced a major failure which forced him to resign from his own company. But the situation failed to disturb his life. Instead of being a bitter person, he found next computers and invested in Pixar. Later he was invited back to Apple as a CEO.

He just boarded the ship which is about to sink. But his confidence made the ship cruise lavishly. He created iProducts and successfully selling millions of devices worldwide.

5. Bossy

This may sound a bit rude but it’s true. He never compromised at creating the product he wanted to. When he’s having the review with the very first prototype of iPod developed by his team, he just walked towards and dropped into the aquarium and pointed out the bubbles coming out of it and snapped ” Those air bubbles!” and said “hat means there’s space in there. Make it smaller”

This doesn’t mean he’s a dictator. He just wanted his team to have the vision as he does.

He may not be with us in this world but his Apple, innovations, and soul will be always with us. He isn’t just an innovator, he’s the inspiration for many tech and business aspirants across the world. Before leaving the earth he just left a footprint of him called “APPLE”. Read his biography and you’ll find it interesting.

Thanks for reading! If you’re aspiring for entrepreneurship/ you’re a first generation entrepreneur you must check his biography. You will go through a lot of unknown entrepreneurial things.

Steve Jobs by Walter Issacton


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Also Check ‘Think & Grow rich’ by Napoleon Hill


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