A book which changed my life


Good morning! Good afternoon! Good evening! Wherever you are. I hope everything’s going fine. I can’t wait to share a turning point in my life. Honestly, I’m not good at academics, I don’t write assignments, I even hate classroom lectures, and I’m an average student. Gimme the high-five if you’re also a member of AMA. Pardon me, its not American marketing association, it’s anti-math association. I would compare myself with Hercules because my struggles in math are not less than him. I even failed in math. Moreover, I’m in a country where engineering education is treated as if it’s only the department paves a bright path. So, instead of stepping into an engineering campus, I walked into a business school. 90% of my friends have joined in engineering courses and warned me that business degree won’t fetch me a good salary package. Their words really deprived me and lead to accumulation of inferiority complex in me.

One fine day when I was searching for the joystick in my closet, I found a book called ‘The secret letters of the monk who sold his Ferrari‘ by Robin Sharma. The title & cover caught my attention. The first question raised in my mind is “Why he sold his Ferrari?” and “Is it necessary for a monk to have a Ferrari?” I started reading that with enthusiasm. At that time, reading a book is a Herculean task for me because of concentration problems. I’m not that good at English and I struggled to understand the vocabulary and I still struggle. However, I managed to understand with the help of my mobile. It was the first book I’ve ever read with attention and interest. I can confidently say that I’m not the same person like before after the book. I’m not here to give my opinion or review on this book. I just suggest you this book.

The story revolves around Jonathan Landry, a marketing sales executive who aspires of wealth and rich lifestyle. Due to his corporate life, he neglects and fails to acknowledge family issues. His mother urges him to meet his cousin Julian Mantle a former high court lawyer. When Jonathan met him last time, he was known to him as a wealthy lawyer and owner of Ferrari. He was surprised why he gave up all his possessions and decided to meet him. Julian says Jonathan that his mother was in danger and compels him to collect talismans from various people around the world. He travels Istanbul, Paris, Japan, Mexico, Sydney, Halifax, China, Phoenix and New Delhi and meeting up talismans guardians who have different life experiences to narrate. Each talisman has something valuable to teach. The book not only focuses on life lessons but also covers an amazing travel experience and different traditions of different places.

I really had a good time with that book. It made me think about my career and gave me the confidence about myself. What I’ve learned from that book cannot be expressed in word on paper or a blog post. The passion towards books started from that point. Later I’ve read some wonderful books The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone, Think & Grow rich by Napoleon Hill, Greatest salesman in the world by OG Mandino, A leader who had no title by Robin Sharma.

Now I’ve found the purpose of my life and no more worrying about the course that I’m currently pursuing. I may not have the chance to become a computer engineer or a mechanical engineer or any other high skilled engineer. But I have a great chance of becoming a world class leader.

Thank you! See you soon.

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