4 degrees of action!


In the book of THE 10X RULE by Grant Cardone, there’s a chapter called ‘4 DEGREES OF ACTION’ which served as a wake-up call in my life when I was drifting without passion & purpose. I read this book last year which helped me to explore my passion and dreams. Especially, this chapter helped me to realize my potential. In this article, I’m gonna give an outline of the chapter.

Grant clearly elaborated 4 kinds of actions which explain 4 kinds of mentalities. I related my daily actions with these 4 degrees of actions and corrected myself. They are:

1. Do Nothing

2. Retreat

3. Take normal levels of action

4. Take massive actions

1. Do Nothing:

‘Do Nothing’ is no longer taking actions to move yourself forward in order to achieve, learn, or grow. People who do nothing in their life probably given up on their dreams.

Signs that you’re doing nothing includes exhibiting boredom, lethargy, complacency, and lack of purpose. People in this group find themselves spending their time & energy justifying their situations.

2. Retreat:

‘Retreaters’ are those who take action in reverse. Retreaters claim to be doing in order to avoid more failures. Sometimes we might be encouraged to retreat by a work associate, friend, or family members who believe we’re ‘too ambitious’ on a single area of our life.

3. Take normal levels of action:

People who take normal levels of action are probably the most prevalent in our society. This level of creates the middle class and is actually the most dangerous. People in this group spend their lives taking enough action to appear average and create normal lives.

4. Massive action:

Massive action is actually the level of action that creates new problems. This level of action will be considered as insanity. If you don’t create new problems, then you aren’t taking enough action.

You can also expect to be criticized when yo start taking massive action.  You’ll be immediately judged by the mediocre. No one’s going to come to your house and make your dreams true. You must take massive actions in order fulfill your dreams!

I figured out what are my goals and passions and started taking massive action. The 10X Rule book changed my life. I  picked up myself from the ocean of mediocrity just in 1 year! I sleep only 6 hours a day and all the 18 hours, I operate with massive actions. I strongly recommend you to get The 10X Rule book.

Check the book now!




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