5 Self-Sabotaging habits you need to drop.


Have you ever questioned yourself why gloomy things are happening all the time? You must agree that life is about facing up & downs. But, why you’re facing only downs? Do you think bad luck is ruling you? Is this conspiring to bring you down? Are these right questions? You’ll never find the right answers to these questions because they’re out of the sphere of your life.

Your life events will be decided by your habits. For example, disappointments are caused by over expectations. Sometimes habits may contribute indirectly. After studying people around me

I found 5 common self sabotaging habits. These habits need immediate attention. They are:

1. Underestimating yourself:

This is the most dangerous habit which will fling you in the mediocrity. You can’t access your full potential if you underestimate yourself. You are indirectly establishing limitations of your life by underestimating.

You’ll start reducing targets instead of increasing actions. You’re actually killing your imagination power. Everything starts with imagination. You have to imagine first in order to achieve something. Don’t chop down the wings of your imagination.

Stop underestimating yourself and look what you can do to improve yourself.

2. Procrastination:

Procrastination is an antagonist to the progress. Procrastination is one of the major issues of stagnation of your progress. If you have the habit of procrastinating things, you must pay attention and kill it! Procrastinating will never get the things done. Whatever work you have, complete it first.

If you have to send an email to someone, send it right now or schedule it to nearest possible hours. Postponing it may raise the possibilities of forgetting. If you have a set of things to accomplish, arrange them in a uniform manner and complete them in the allocated time if the world turns upside down!
Note down the things on your mobile phone, notepad or journal where you can access them regularly.

3. Complaining:

Complaining is an indirect way of claiming yourself ‘Victim of life’. When you complain, it means you got nothing to deal. Complaining people, situations, environment won’t help you to get whatever you’re expecting. Stop living like a victim. Success isn’t for victims, crybabies, and whiners.

Complaining drains time & energy which are vital for success. Instead of allocating time for complaining, you can allocate it for learning and applying.

Any idiot can complain and most idiots do. It takes guts to assume responsibility and start working out. Complaining is a clear indication that you’re not believing yourself.

4. Overthinking:

Overthinking causes commotion in your mind. Overthinking is culprit which stagnate the process. Overthinking allows unnecessary crap into the mind. If you want to do something, just do it. Don’t overthink it. Things will get more complex if you overthink. It will take the happiness away from your life.

Overthinking makes you concentrate on the future rather than the present. Eventually, you will procrastinate the things and ponder upon the future. Life’s about collecting experiences from the past and apply them in the present for the better future. But overthinking about the past/future can’t help you to concentrate on the present

Don’t overstress yourself by thinking too much. You got many other important things.

5. Education< Entertainment:

We’re living in the era which is entertainment oriented. Humans are misusing the technology. We got television & the internet which can be used to our advantage. There are educational blogs and entertainment sites. But we’re preferring entertainment more than education. I’m not saying entertainment should be avoided. I’m pointing out that there’s an imbalance in the life. Too much knowledge or entertainment is dangerous.

You have 2 choices with the internet: Waste it or use it for a purpose.

You should treat entertainment as a relaxant. A lot of crap is being dumped on the internet. Everyone is feeding their brains that crap and spending their lives in mediocrity. Successful people don’t have any special gene. All they did wasting the recourses carefully. Too much entertainment kills your emotional quotient levels.


Audit yourself If you can find any one of the above habits. Any one of these habits can make you a mediocre person. These habits are required immediate attention. Try to eliminate as soon as possible. To live a good life you need to stay away from these habits.



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