Who’s an entrepreneur?


According to the definition mentioned in google, an entrepreneur is a person who sets up a business. Taking risks in the hope of profit. Well, there are many formal definitions on the web and books. The general conception of everyone about entrepreneurship is setting up a business and focusing on profits. Entrepreneur actually leads a different way of life other than the perception of everyone. One needs to possess special sort of mind-set to understand what exactly the entrepreneurship means. It doesn’t matter if you’re a master degree holder or a noble prize winner, you can’t understand the intentions of an entrepreneur if you don’t know what entrepreneurship is.

An entrepreneur is a person who’s striving to live by the passion every moment. An entrepreneur is a person who’s looking for the freedom in every possible way every day. An entrepreneur is a person who prefers lifestyle over money. An entrepreneur is a person who wanna inspire the world with his products/services. An entrepreneur is motivated by the lifestyle. He earns money just to have the specific lifestyle. It’s useless to have million dollars in the bank account if there’s no lifestyle and tradition. An entrepreneur always looks to create his own lifestyle. Entrepreneurship is driven by PPL ( Passion, purpose, and lifestyle). One necessarily need not to posses educational qualifications to become an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is all about emotional quotient. Intelligence quotient doesn’t have anything to do with the entrepreneur. All an entrepreneur need is PPL.


Statistics shows that 80% of entrepreneurs don’t have the college degree. Michael Dell, Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, Richard Branson, Walt Disney are the successful entrepreneurs wo don’t have the college degree. What motivated them? Just money? BIG NO! PPL motivated them every moment. Apart from money they wanted to do something big and innovate. They actually got great ideas and no resources. Their hunger of converting the ideas into reality made them to hustle every day. Above all, passion towards lifestyle! There are 5 key things which were found common among all the successful entrepreneurs. They are:

  1. Imagination
  2. Passion
  3. Lifestyle
  4. Optimism
  5. Specialized knowledge

1. Imagination: Imagination is one of the must need trait for an entrepreneur. Imagination is only thing which keeps an entrepreneur alive in an entrepreneur. Everything starts with an imagination. Before hitting the road, an entrepreneur spends most of his time imagining the things which he’s gonna accomplish. In other words he’s a dreamer of reality.

2.Passion: Passion is everything! Passion differs from entrepreneur to entrepreneur. Like attaining freedom, serving the public, changing the system, revolutionizing the industry or innovating technology. Without passion it’s impossible to lead an entrepreneur’s lifestyle. Passion adds fuel to the purpose of hustling everyday. Passion is king!


3.Lifestyle: Lifestyle is the key factor which makes a normal person an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur emphasizes on creating a lifestyle more than earning money. Money isn’t everything. Money is just a tool to attain the desired things in the life. An entrepreneur designs a certain lifestyle which will allow him to figure it what exactly he want in his life.

4.Optimism: Optimism is having hope and confidence about the future or the success of something. Only an optimistic person can become an entrepreneur. There will be failures, disappointments, setbacks in entrepreneurial life. Optimism is having faith regardless of all the negative situations. Being optimistic should be the foremost trait of an entrepreneur.

It doesn’t matter what world think about them. They do their thing with hope & desire. They don’t care about the stones which are been throwing at them. They know how to build the kingdom with those stones. Being an entrepreneur is not just making money and paying bills. It’s all about maintaining a certain lifestyle. If you wanna become an entrepreneur, you gotta design and desire a lifestyle.


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